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  • The Department was founded in 1972 as a subdivision of the United Center of Mathematics and Mechanics (more information can be found in Dimiter Skordev's historical notes). Since 1989 the Department has been a part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Sofia University.
  • The members of the Department are specialists in the areas of Computability Theory, Theoretical Computer Science, Modal and Non-Classical Logic, Constructive Mathematics.
  • The Department is responsible for several courses in the curriculum of the Bachelor Programs in Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • The Department is responsible also for the Master of Sciences programs in “Logic and Algorithms” in the Faculty.
  • If you want to ask something or to initiate a discussion, you can use our web phorum. In order to be informed with the current events about the mathematical logic and theoretical computer sciences you can subscribe to our mailing list (about 5 messages per month).
  • Professor Alexandra Soskova is the current chairman of the Department. You can address any questions and remarks to her.
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