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Computability with Partial Information

Supported by the Bulgarian National Science Fund

Computability with Partial Information


"Computability with Partial Information" is a research project sponsored by Bulgarian National Science Fund. It involves members of the department of mathematical logic at Sofia University and prominent researches from other EU countries.

The goal of this project is to continue the investigation of the structures of the omega enumeration degrees and that of the enumeration degrees, and in particular to clarify the connections between the two structures. The work will lay emphasis on problems connected to the first order definability in both structures, to embeddings of substructures of a particular type and to the characterization of the automorphism groups of the structures. The obtained results shall be applied to research the properties of the spectra of structures.


For a detailed exposition of the problem area, please refer to this document (PDF format).

Ivan Soskov (coordinator of the project)


FMI, Sofia University

5 James Bourchier blvd.

Sofia 1164



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