Some links concerning Presentation of Mathematics on the WWW

Media Alert: W3C Issues MathML as a Proposed Recommendation
Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) - 1.0 Specification (W3C Recommendation, 07-April-1998)
W3C's Math Home Page
Amaya - W3C's Browser/Editor
Geometry Technologies: MathML Resource List
Gentle Introduction to MathML
WebEQ: Putting Math on the Web
Servers dedicated to (La)TeX (www and ftp)
TeX Frequently Asked Questions
Nikos Drakos: The LATEX2HTML Translator
TTH: a TEX to HTML translator
Ian Hutchinson: Approaches to WWW Mathematics Documents
TeX4ht: LaTeX and TeX for Hypertext
HyperTeX FAQ
Adobe PostScript Overview
Adobe PDF
PDFTeX support
Jim Grundy: A Browsable Format for Proof Presentation
Jim Grundy: Proof Views

Remark. The links have been checked on October 28, 1998.