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Logic Programming

Please contact ! Jonathan Bowen if you know of relevant on-line information not included here. Use the comp.lang.prolog newsgroup for queries related to logic programming in general and Prolog in particular.

This document contains some pointers to information on Logic Programming available around the world on the World Wide Web (WWW or W3), a global hypermedia system providing worldwide information.

The following information is available:

* General repositories
* Prolog
* Window system interfaces
* Other logic programming systems
* Meetings
* Books
* Related information
! indicates new entries. * indicates a (subjectively!) recommended link for especially good on-line information. If enough people email me, I will add a star to entries recommended by others.

General repositories


Prolog is the most generally used logic programming language. The newsgroup comp.lang.prolog provides a forum for discussion. See the associated information on * Frequently Asked Questions (second sourced). See also original FAQ source. Archived articles are available in Canada, France, the UK and USA.

* If you do not have direct newsgroup access, see comp.lang.prolog articles and try searching for logic programming or Prolog from Deja.com.

The following may be of interest:

* Sources for Prolog and other related logic programming systems including constraint and parallel Prolog system implementations are available.

For multiple platforms:

For Unix systems:

For PC:

For the Apple Macintosh:

See also:

Window system interfaces (mainly X-Windows)

Other logic programming systems

See also:



Related information

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