A Library of Distance Distributions of Binary Orthogonal Arrays

This library contains the results from the distance distributions algorithm.
Our research is based on the book Orthogonal Arrays: Theory and Applications[1] by A. Hedayat, N. J. A. Sloane, J. Stufken. The results are tested using the arrays listed in Sloane's Library of Orthogonal Arrays.

For a (n, M, τ) BOA the distance distributions are given as follows:
n.M.τ W = P ∪ Q , (all = internal ∪ external) where

  • Contents:

  • Some BOA and their distributions

    λ = 1

    λ = 2

    λ = 3

    λ = 4

    λ = 5

    λ = 6

    λ = 7

    λ = 8

    λ = 10

    λ = 11

    λ = 12

    λ = 13

    λ = 14

    λ = 15

    λ = 16


    Will be available soon.


    For all of the arrays listed in Sloane's Library of Orthogonal Arrays we have computed their distance distributions (acording an internal and an external point) and we have checked that these distributions are in the remaining sets W = P ∪ Q.
    For some of them in W are remained only their distributions. For others in P remain only the distance distributions acording their internal points.


    Authors: T. Marinova, M. Stoynova
    Last modified: 28.05.2016